Bakuhatsu Tokasatsu

Design Brief

Competitive board game where players take the roles of Tokasatsu heroes aiming to show off the most and end the “Episode” as the Red Ranger of the team.

The board game runs through a season of the theoretical show the player’s heroes are the protagonists of, the board has several branching paths leading to the season finale, the current team leader gets to pick which path the team will go down.

Most episodes the players face will consist of some “Manufactured drama” and a “Monster of the week”, both circumstances use the same combat system of building up explosions and collateral damage to justify transforming into their battle form.

Themes and Tone

The tone is very light, and the themes are mostly being dorks while pretending to be power rangers.

Design Inspirations

Design came to me fully formed in a fever dream, unsure where inspirations came from.

Core Mechanics

Players pick their hero from a collection of pre-made protagonists designed after various shows. For the first episode there’s no leader and references to them should be attributed to mean all players.

Players have two values on their card next to their character portrait: Max Health and Henshin Limit. The Henshin Limit is always the lower of the two values.
The Max Health is how much damage you take before sidelined and knocked out of the fight. The Henshin Limit is how much damage you must either deal or take before you can transform and use the skills on the bottom half of your card.

In addition to the actions listed on the character card players also draw from a deck of actions at the start of a fight (or as an effect of an action) and can discard and use one of the actions in their hand instead of using one of their character specific actions.

Action cards have effects like:

  • Listen to the monolouge
    • – Regain 3 health
  • Default to watching the fight
    • – take no damage this turn
  • Reuse stock attack footage 
    • – +1 explosion -1 to henshin limit next turn
Only made one board for play testing purposes so far

Villains and drama cards have a set order to their actions, in addition to always acting after all the players allowing them to play their turn somewhat.

Scope Hope

More Characters, Maguffins, villains, boards and arch-villains.

Visual Design

No set visual design, just been using programmer art in the mean time.